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Disaster Crystals-Chapter 3
Chapter Three:  Theories
Glitter's voice yelled from inside.  She opened the door and hugged me. "Breeze!" She let go of me, smiling. I smiled back, "Hey Glitter!" She let me inside. We sat on the couch.
Glitter was a Pikachu, she wore a pink, black and blue striped scarf. She also had a necklace similar to mine except it was on a Silver chain with a gold peace sign.
"Glitter! You won't believe what happened to me while I was on my here!" I said and told her of my little adventure though Lumoa Woods. "That's weird. The Absol saved you?" She asked. "You sure? I had always thought that they came to attack you. Or to just run in front of you like a bad luck thing..." She trailed off , we both only know of one that seemed to break that superstition.
"I'm sure, and she talked like she was....from a ancient family or something. 'I was given the title.' " I quoted Malory. Then I asked her about the Disaster Crystals. "Have you heard of them?" I asked.
"Yeah that's all my n
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Disaster Crystals-Chapter 2
Chapter Two: Meeting Under Unusal Circumstances
"Please," I said. "Really I'm not that tasty.." I told the Houndour as I backed up to a tree.  They growled, barked, and bit at me. I managed to dodge most of the bites, until I was backed up agianst the tree. No where to back up, can't get away....I closed my eyes prepareing for the end. Or a light or-
Something grabbed my fur. I felt teeth. Then I felt my feet lift from the ground. Why am I not dead yet? I heard the barking turn into growls of what? Disapointment?  Anger? Annoyace? Maybe a mixture of the three.
"Mind If I drop in?" A unfimilar, smooth, voice said.
"You!" The leader growled, "Pack, to me!" The Houndoom leader howled and I opened my eyes to see their  retreat. I saw a white blur at edge of my vision.
"It's okay. I wouldn't hurt you." The new voice said. I looked around, to see an Absol standing not to far from me, her face was white, her horns too were also white and her eyes were blue. Her fur seemed to be
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Disaster Crystals-Chapter 1: Myth
 "Hey Mom, what's that story you told us last night?" I asked, my mom looked at me, her lilic fur reminded me of her flowers, she is an Espeon.
"The Dark Crystals? Why?" She asked cleaning the table.  I shrug,
"I heard something about it. And," I added, "I like hearing things twice." She luaghed.
"Well, Breeze, go get your brothers and I'll tell it again." Mom said, and I ran up the spiral to the upper level, our rooms. I'm Breeze, an average Eevee with two light blue stripes on my tail. I go to my brother's room. "Tony, Ray, Mom needs you downstiars." I tell them, My brother, Tony, is older than me he's an Jolteon and my little brother, Ray, is a small Eevee.
"Why?" Tony asked, standing. They had a bunch of blocks and toys out. So maybe they were playing some game Ray made up.
"A story. And clean that up." I said as I walked away and I went to our story-time area, outside it was  a tree stump with some pillows made of Altaria feathers. I sat on my pillow and my Mom peek
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Disaster Crystals-Prologue
The sun was high in the sky, fluffy clouds dotted the blue sky, and the pokemon were enjoying the sun. In a clearing with a nice pool and a gentle stream, the pokemon splashed around. All but two pokemon, a Wevile and a Arbok.  They were apart from the group, at the edge of the clearing talking quietly to each other in the shade.
An Absol watched them.  Up in the trees she listened, unnoticed, with full curiousity and concern to what they were talking about. "I think we should look for them." The Wevile was saying. "The Crysstals?" The Arbok hissed, "Yes! Imagine it Valar. We will have control of the world if we had those..." The Wevile said leaning closer and putting and arm around Valar. "They will do anything to have them back." He continued, Valar nodded. "Like...a ranssom?" Valar asked.
"You are ssso sssmart! I'm glad we're partnersss."
The Absol shook her head, unable to stand to hear anymore.  She turned and leaped from branch to branch, so she tra
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I'll get better each day
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United States
Hello DA people! I'm Breeze-the-Eevee907.But you can call me Breeze or some other nickname you thing of. Look I not im not the best, but I'm getting better so if you have any tips or advice for me I would love to hear it. :)

Current Residence: United states
Favourite genre of music: Pop
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Favourite cartoon character: Grovlye

I'mmmmm Back~ :D

Tue Mar 25, 2014, 7:06 PM

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

Hey! I'm back, so I'll start off with explaining what's going on.
When my old computer broke down, then that's when we lost internet and lots of crazy stuff happened so yeah.
But now I'm all set up again and ready to start drawing again! YAYZ

I plan on posting stories that I wrote over my absence, if you are interested in a certain one, let me now so can I work on it more. Ideas are also helpful when I suffer the occasional Writers block. So here they are...

Disaster Crystals- Absols are ment as danger and Disaster, but can they also protect the world? Let's join Breeze the Eevee and Glitter the Pikachu's adventure with the Crystals of Disaster.

Warriors of the Lake- Moons of peace have served well for the Clans at the Lake. But that peace is now comming to a close. Starting with a murder. (Or should I say.....Murders?)

The Darkness- This is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon based story. Featuring my Breeze the Eevee and Glitter the Pikachu. Where they must work together with allies to stop The darkness and the freezeing of time. And save the world.

A Wolf's Tale- This is the story of a wolf. One who is supposed to be cursed. But what if only a curse can save the pack?

Explorers For The Future- Another Mystery Dungeon based story. With a human turned pokemon who also lost her memory. And with the help of a Torchic she just might solve the mystery of her lost Memory and save the world.

Clone- This is Breze's side of things, how she lives and what she thinks of her Clone Breeze. Maybe you'll see that maybe Breze isn't all evil after all, if you see things her way.

I know that's not much but it's a lot for me to me to keep up with. 
Anyways it's good to be back. :D
{And Isn't this a nice Skin?}

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i can find them so can you draw this? -> [link]
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